Apple's AirPods Finally Here! Battery Replacements For Free But with a Catch [VIDEO]


Apple's AirPods, which was expected to be released two months ago, are finally on sale to the public after Christmas day. The AirPods doesn't give the user the capability to determine its battery's cycle count. The good news is, Apple will offer a free battery replacement for AirPods that are still under warranty.

AirPods finally available on sale

Apple's AirPods will be out to in the market after Christmas day, with a price of $159, CNN reported. The device was supposed to go on sale two months ago, after that it was announced to be released on December 21. But on Tuesday, new reports show that it will officially be on sale after Christmas Day.

According to a press release from Apple, AirPods will be sold in limited quantities, which is why fans should always check online for updates. An Apple spokeswoman said they need more time to make sure that AirPods are truly ready for customer use.

These earbuds are very light with a built-in microphone to let users make phone calls or use the Siri voice assistant. They also have sensors that detect when the user takes one of their ears.

One major disadvantage with the wireless earbuds is that it can easily get lost, which is why some companies sell wires that go along with the AirPods.

Airpods battery replacement for free but with a catch

Apple has a way to determine the cycle count of batteries found in Mac. This feature is not available for Airpods, which is why Apple is providing a free replacement deal for AirPods. But only for those that are still under warranty, 9 to 5 Mac reported.

In the iPhone Service Pricing page, it can be seen in the list that right under "AirPods," there is $0 in the in-warranty part of the AppleCare column. For AirPods that are out of warranty, customers will have to pay $49 for battery replacements.

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