Xbox Two: Project Scorpio - News, Updates, Rumors, Release Date [Video]


E3 2016 had revealing factors where compelling reasons led speculators to believe that Project Scorpio is actually Xbox Two.

This is some sort of conundrum because an hour before the announcement of Project Scorpio, Xbox chief Phil Spencer was on stage talking about another console that is capable of streaming 4K content. Then, an hour of game-focused program went into play.

When Spencer took to the stage a second time and announced "Project Scorpio," he said the console would be the most powerful console ever made. Alongside this, the mentioned that the console would support true VR and render in native 4K, this and several other specs.

This is somewhat confusing since it would seem Microsoft would be coming out with two consoles in 2017. One unnamed console and the other one, Project Scorpio. It would seem that way unless Spencer is trying to misdirect, that, and AMD's Tweet on the subject, according to DigitalTrends.

The presumption, therefore, is that Spencer is talking about one machine the two times he stepped on the stage. Riding on this premise, Xbox 2 Gamers reported that Project Scorpio is actually Xbox Two in disguise.

One other point of contention about the Xbox Two is if it would be a cloud-based console, or would go the route of the traditional console where you plug it in your TV. Whatever route it may lead, it seems Spencer is gearing towards obliterating the distinction between PC and Xbox altogether by way of Windows 10, according to Polygon.

If this holds true and Microsoft blurs the line between console and PC, it would make sense for them to put Windows 10 on an Xbox and call it the Xbox Two. They would be spared the cost of making new consoles while at the same time making money from games and subscriptions.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has already confirmed the consoles and it is speculated that Xbox Two / Project Scorpio might be released in November 2017 in time for the holidays.

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