Xbox Boss On Project Scorpio's 'Higher Price,' Does It Justify The Cost? [Video]


Described as the most powerful console ever built by none other than Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, he refers to Project Scorpio as a  premium "beast" of a machine. But will that be enough to justify the coming console's price?

Phil Spencer said Project Scorpio will be a premium console, he cites, that's how we are building it." It doesn't suppress the anticipation of fans when no price points for the premium device was announced as of yet. One thing is for sure, the coming Xbox Scorpio won't be cheap. Putting into consideration the numerous pronouncements made that it is targeted towards the higher-end of the consumer market, according to Gamespot.

What's more puzzling is Spencer's pronouncement saying that Project Scorpio is not a replacement for the Xbox One. This strengthens rumors that Microsoft's latest foray would actually be something different than just an ordinary gaming console. Rumors have been floating that Project Scorpio is leaning towards becoming PC-like in its design architecture.

Touting 40 percent more power than that of Sony's PS4 while claiming to render graphics in an uncompressed native 4K, is no small claim. Users who are anticipating the coming of Project Scorpio doesn't even have a clue on what the machine will actually look like.

Michael Pachter, Wedbush analyst talked about a good price point for Project Scorpio as opposed to PS4's $399 price tag. He noted that Microsoft would be committing suicide if they priced Project Scorpio at more than $399. Accordingly, if Microsoft priced it at the same level as that of the PS4 Pro, Sony might drop the price of the PS4 Pro within the same week, Gamingbolt reported.

Until we have more details as to what comprises the hardware structure of Project Scorpio, we can only speculate on how much it is going to be once it is released during the Holidays of 2017.

We know Microsoft's claim that it will be a powerful machine, and that the performance gap of Project Scorpio against the  PS4 Pro will be obvious. No matter which price points Project Scorpio comes in, one question stands out, are users willing to pay the price for a "beast of a machine?"

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