Effective Diets: What You Need to Know Between Eating Beans and Weight Loss


Beans are popular for being a healthy addition to one's own diet despite being savorless. These foods contain important and helpful minerals including magnesium and potassium, and vitamins such as folate. And not only do beans help make you healthier, eating them can also help you lose weight better than eating proteins.

Proteins are known to be effective when it comes to weight loss, however, a group of scientists said that instead of eating foods rich in protein, increased intake of beans which are rich in fiber is more effective when it comes to making you feel fuller.

"It is somewhat contrary to the widespread belief that one ought to consume a large amount of protein because it increases satiety more," lead research Professor Anne Raben of the University of Copenhagen's Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, said.

Raben also said that anyone can just eat a fiber rich meal that can have the same effect on a person. Fiber can also make you feel fuller even when you eat less protein. In their studies, they found out that the participants who ate meal based on beans and peas consumed less calories on their next meal, which means that they felt less hungry after eating beans.

Beans have low glycemic index which means that your level of blood sugar is sustained. If you eat foods that are high in glycemic index, your blood sugar level decreases and that makes you feeling hungry again.

Professor Raben added that while more studies are needed to establish a stronger relationship between eating beans and weight loss, the results of the study is already an indication that meals based on beans and peas can be helpful in weight loss and can improve regulate normal eating habits.

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