Naperville High School Students Hospitalized After Eating Gummy Bears


Thirteen students from a Naperville North High School in Chicago were sent to the hospital on Tuesday after eating gummy bears that were said to be "laced" with another substance.

It was not clear whether they were aware that the gummies were laced but some students informed the police that they contained marijuana, although this information was not confirmed yet according to CBS. The police confiscated the samples of the gummies for investigation and testing.

Two students were already released from the hospital while 11 of them were reported to be in a stable condition. A 17-year old student was taken into custody and was questioned but they were all released from Edward Hospital later that day.

According to Dr. Daryl Wilson, director of EMS at the hospital, the students were said to have the symptoms of having ingested a "non-toxic intoxicant."

Each of those teens only consumed just one gummy bear which made Wilson wondered and questioned the awareness of the students about the content of the candies.

"You eat gummy bears, those are pretty tasty. Why would you want to have just one - unless you know there's something else in the gummy bear?" Wilson said.

Naperville High School officials said that because the candies might have contained another substance, the students who had them felt both uncomfortable and sick. While 14 students initially were taken to the nurse's office, only 13 were later on sent to the hospital.

"Each student had varying degrees of discomfort and subsequent treatment," school officials said. "We continue to review the specifics of the situation and will address it appropriately."

"Anytime we have students who are put in a situation where their health is at risk, their health is questioned, I am disappointed," Naperville School District 203 Supt. Dan Bridges said.

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