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‘Rick And Morty’ Spoilers: To Visit The Titanic-Themed Park In China; What Fans Should Expect When The Show Returns [Video]


"Rick and Morty" fans were thrilled to see new updates and teasers for the much-awaited TV show which is expected to arrive in March 2017.

The recent link shared in the official Facebook page of "Rick and Morty" has gathered a lot of comments and shares. The post contains an animated picture which perhaps hinted what would possibly happen in the season 3 of the show. Most fans are quick to reply in the comment box that they want to see the season 3 anytime soon while some say they couldn't wait for the season 3.

Meanwhile, "Rick and Morty" creator Dan Harmon also shared an interesting news about the upcoming season 3. So, here are the things fans expects to see when the show returns next year.

"Rick and Morty" Season 3 19 Episodes

Harmon has reportedly confirmed that the season 3 will run a little longer than the previous episode as it will run 19 episodes in order to shed light to last season's mysteries. The 19 long episodes will mean adventure which is what most fans want the most.

More Episodes, New Ideas

To Harmon, adding new episodes will give them better ideas for the new adventures of the duo. He also revealed that "Rick and Morty" will visit new places. Travelling means more intense adventure and more fun. This means that there is so much to await in season 3 of the TV show.

Titanic-themed Park

It has been said that "Rick and Morty" will visit Hawaii and China. There were also reports regarding the planned Titanic themed park in Sichuan Province in China and will be featured in the adventures of "Rick and Morty."

With all of these revelations, we can now see what's in-store for everyone in the upcoming season 3 of "Rick and Morty." Fans will have to wait until March 2017 for the premier of the third season.

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