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Skype Translator Review: App Supports 9 Languages for Real-Time Translation; Is It Useful?


Skype Translator is the new feature that promises to breakdown language barrier. Is it really useful?

Skype Translator available in 9 languages

Instant messaging app, Skype, has previously added a new key feature that breakdowns the language barriers. 

After a cheap subscription and screen sharing option, Skype adds another useful feature - Skype Translator. Communication is now offered in a much better way as these nine languages are available:

1. English

2. French

3. German

4. Mandarin Chinese

5. Spanish

6. Italian

7. Brazilian Portuguese

8. Russian

9. Arabic

These spoken languages are the most commonly used and there will be more languages added to the Skype Translator according to Mashable.  

Skype Translator Review: How to Use It?

Currently, the translator is still in beta version and users have to be part of Windows Insider Program to experience the new feature, ZDNet reported.

Registered users can try the Skype Translator feature by toggling the translator menu under the contact profile. User can then choose between two options: spoken or written languages.

After the message is sent, the partner receives an English version and the translated version in their message box.

It goes the same with voice translator. User can turn on the audio translation option and Skype's speech recognition does the rest. Users are encouraged to speak closely to the mic in order for Skype Translator to translate properly.

Skype Translator Review: The Result

So far, Skype's revolutionary feature has been useful for group calls or meetings. When Skype previewed the tool to two elementary students who lives in Mexico City and Washington, the translation seems to be impeccably accurate.

However, the hands-on review in the video below shows how Skype Translator does not always make an accurate interpretation.

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