Samsung Galaxy S8 Features And Release Date; Rumored Foldable Screens in 2017 [Video]


Hoping to rise out of the ashes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster, Samsung is going all out this coming 2017 with its new offerings as well as what could be the release of models with screens that fold or bend.

As 2017 draws near, leaks, rumors, and speculations about Samsung products for 2017 are well underway as well. One of which is the Samsung Galaxy S8 which as of the latest from the rumor mill will sport an "all-screen front design. This also means that Samsung will forego of the home button by embedding its functionality within the display.

It has been a tumultuous 2016 for Samsung with the success of the Galaxy S7 being overshadowed by the incendiary Galaxy Note 7. As fate would have it, based on the number of leaks, rumors, and speculations about the coming Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, it would be safe to say that interest for Samsung products has not diminished too much.

Talks about the Samsung Galaxy S8's specs and features are at an all-time high noting that the coming flagship carries a Snapdragon 830 alongside sporting a 4K 'Edge-style' display with an improved camera, according to Trusted Reviews. However, more than likely, the screen will be in 2K with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 on a 5.7-inch 'Edge-style' screen.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly jettison the headphone jack like the iPhone 7 and will replace the micro USB slot with a USB-C port. The camera is rumored to be a dual-camera set and another feature to look forward to is the self-focus front camera, a first in the industry if is proven true.

A Snapdragon 830 or the Exynos running Android 7.0 Nougat with 6GB of RAM most likely will power it. As per partnership with car tech firm Harman, the Samsung Galaxy S8 might have Dual Speakers. Samsung also plans to go big with its internal storage by bestowing the S8 and Note 8 up to 256GB capacity to match those of Apple.

Folding and bending screens

Samsung has teased foldable and bendable screen displays as early as 2013 with actual working prototypes they demonstrated at CES 2013 as reported earlier. Accordingly, Korean website ET News reported that Samsung is developing two types of smartphones that fold and are very distinct from each other. One is reportedly a dual screen and the other is a single OLED display that folds.

Furthermore, Samsung will produce a small number of the dual-screen smartphone in time for release in 2017 to test market responses.

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