'Dota 2' Update: Massive Patch Goes Live, New Hero Monkey King, Talent Trees, New HUD Coming, New Roshan Also Coming?


"Dota 2" game developer Valve Corporation has unveiled this week the details of Dota 2's much-awaited 7.00 update. The developer has released the full notes on "Dota 2"' 7.00 update earlier today, but the site crashed when the notes went live.

In our earlier reports, the brand new "Dota 2" character named the Monkey King has been teased. The new hero headlines a comprehensive update that will arrive this week. 

According to GameSpot, the 7.00 update will introduce significant changes. These include Monkey King, a refined head-up display, the introduction of the Hero Talent Tree, new pregame phases and a new interface, which has undergone a massive overhaul and has been redesigned from ground up.

Monkey King

Monkey King is a melee character who plays in the carry position. Its ability, Wukong's Command, summons monkey soldiers to aid him in combat. Monkey King's power, Mischief, allows him to change form to deceive enemies, often taking his surroundings for camouflage.

Hero Talent Trees

The talent tree is probably the broadest-reaching gameplay update in "Dota 2" version. Players can select talent for their "Dota 2" heroes at levels 10, 15, 20 and 25, which adds new augmentations to heroes' powers and abilities. As mentioned by Kotaku, each hero will have individual sets of talents together with some special bonuses for each level.

New Head-Up Display

The latest Patch 7.00 update will also bring changes in its head-up display (HUD). Players will have increased vision of the Dota map and a variety of ways to see what's happening in each game.

The control console has been redesigned to occupy a smaller space allowing more screen estate to the new Hero Talent interface. There's also a new backpack that allows "Dota 2" heroes to carry three additional items. The new backpack can be used as storage for recipes and other materials if players will try to build much stronger items makingit it easier for players to complete recipes.

New Map For Roshan

Roshan is also getting a new map. Roshan will move from his existing spot to a new area near to the power-up rune.

Roshan will also gain additional armor and attack range but loses some health gain. Runes have been divided into two types, while a new ancient neutral camp and some enhancements to the game map and jungle layouts were included.

Two New Pregame Phases Coming

"Dota 2" will get some hefty upgrades, adding two new pre-game phases. In the first pre-game phase, the Pick Phase, players are treated to a new selection screen that matches the Dota Heroes gallery layout, thus making it easier for players to use to common hero filters.

In the Strategy Phase, players will have 30 seconds of pregame planning once everyone has locked down a hero. This forces players to make rapid decisions on every lane and what sort of items to buy from the shop.

"Dota 2" is currently available as a free-to-play download for PC via the Steam website.

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