'Dota 2' Reveals First Original Hero, New Hero Monkey King Hints Powerful Skills And Abilities


"Dota 2," the free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Valve Corporation, is getting a huge facelift and new hero this month.

As mentioned earlier by Polygon, A new hero, which known as the Monkey King or rather Sun Wukong, will be added to the hero roster. The new hero will be based on Sun Wukong, a legendary character from the classic Chinese novel, "Journey to the West".

The upcoming hero, the Monkey King, is expected to be released this coming Dec. 12 or Dec. 17, along with the game's The New Journey update. His abilities, strengths, and skills have yet to be revealed.

A leaked information recently shared on Reddit provides some good idea about the true identity of the new hero. The Reddit post, which creates some excitements for the fans, also contains algorithm of the item and how it interacts with the upcoming hero.

The new hero is expected to come out with the Echo Sweep, where it sweep the ground and deal a significant damage to the opposing heroes.

Another one is the Nimble Nimbus, here, the hero's illusions will try to lock over the target on each hit, swapping that area. Additionally, the hero's Cloud Dance can also immobilize the target hero for a short period of time and then surround them with his illusions.

This is not the first time Monkey King appeared online. The hero has appeared many times in major Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Monkey King has also been teased many years ago in the original DotA, and a recent "Dota 2" test update, which said to hint something towards the upcoming hero.

According to Red Bull, Monkey King's abilities and strengths will be based on 6.80 beta information from Dota 2 Gamepedia. The fast and very aggressive Monkey King will arrive at Dota 2 at the end of this year, as part of "The New Journey" update.

Developed and published by Valve Corporation, "Dota 2" is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game or MOBA, and a stand-alone sequel to blizzard Entertainment's Defense of the Ancients (DotA). Here, Two teams of five players each compete to collectively destroy a large structure defended by the opposing team. The game is presented on a single map in a three-dimensional isometric and used a standard real-time strategy controls.

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