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Alphabet Gives Employees Christmas Gifts For A Worthy Cause [Video]


Alphabet's employee perks are impressive and the company has always provided special Christmas gifts for all its employees. Google, is now part of the main company Alphabet, due to the re-organization of the company. In recent years, the company has astonished its 70,000 employees with Chromebooks, Nexus phones, and Android smartwatches, as according to Fortune.

This 2016, the staff predicted they might obtain a Google Home Unit or a Google Pixel phone. Google Home is Google's rival to Amazon's Echo. Alphabet employees forgot that they are staff members of Alphabet and not Google. Alphabet employees received an email informing them that the company will donate gadgets to schools in their stead instead of getting new sophisticated gadgets, as reported by Yahoo.

Bloomberg published a compelling media article about Alphabet's new era of being cost-effective. This is brought about by the presence of Ruth Porat who was an ex-Wall Street CFO . After publishing the story, employees were told that their Christmas gift will be donated to charity. Alphabet gave $30 million worth of phones, Chromebooks, and related tech support to schools in behalf of its employees.

Alphabet similarly would have spent the same amount of money on its Christmas gifts. Thus, it is not really a step where the company could have saved money. The shift in the company's vision can be seen with the decision made in providing perks to employees to becoming responsible corporate citizens.

Various netizens reacted to the said move of Alphabet. A netizen lamented about this move that happens in all "cool" companies. These companies start out as employee-centered. Employees work hard and the company in return provides lots of perks such as parties and free food and drinks.

When the companies get too big, the owners delegate management to more managerial types who count money yet do not know what it takes to have happy employees. He further states that unless Google pays its employees well, employees will find no reason to show or stay loyal.

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