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Google Exceeds Worldwide Renewable Energy Global [Video]


Alphabet's Google is on the right path to buy enough renewable energy to cover all its global electricity consumption next year, the company said on Tuesday.

Reuters reports that Google projects that its purchases of wind and solar energy will be adequate to cover its data centers and offices globally starting in 2017.

Google started with a worldwide target because companies often cannot determine the kind of power utilities supply to their offices. There is a large unavailability of renewable energy in some key areas where Google operates, especially Asia. Google will now direct its efforts on creating more regional deals where its data centers and other crucial operations are found.

Director of global infrastructure and energy Gary Demasi said that Google has to cope up with the growth but also requires that they should evolve beyond this very significant event for Google. This involves being able to make renewable energy projects in every marker where Google operates.

Google went into initial long-term renewable power agreement in 2010 and has since made 19 similar deals. Demasi reiterated that this made the company the largest corporate buyer or renewable energy. In the said year, the price of wind energy has decreased 60 percent during that time. This further boosts the need for the business to be into renewable energy.

The target on renewable energy may also enhance Google's plan to expand its cloud computing business. Demasi has further noted that some potential customers seem to be involved in taking into account environmental concerns.

Using renewable energy might be also part of the advocacy of some companies. They can either go with or not go with Google in terms of the environment.

While this occasion announced Tuesday involves Google only, the company is responsible for the majority of Alphabet's energy consumption. Demasi reports that other Alphabet companies are being involved in the broader sustainability efforts.

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