See How Zaha Hadid Made Math More Exciting [VIDEO]


Whether you are not an architect or an architecture student, Zaha Hadid is a name you can't miss what with all her extraordinary works showcased everywhere. However, it is not common to all that before she pursued architecture, the world-renowned architect was a math major. Thus, it is no wonder she would give back to her first love and make it more exciting for people.

Hadid did not give a lecture in math nor discovered a new teaching method to make math exciting. Rather, she used her designs to make math more appealing at the Math Gallery of the Science Museum in England. The project was the first one by the Zaha Hadid Architects to open in the UK ever since her untimely death in March.

Prior to the project, the museum's Math Gallery has not been updated in decades crammed with 600 various objects from cabinets to medieval slides, the Guardian reported. After the make-over, the museum did not only become spacious but it also vibrated with life, light, and color.

In the "Form and Beauty" section, two JW Turner's sketches from his lectures on perspectives at the Royal Academy sits side by side with a modern replica of a 1920s chair inspired by Le Corbusier.

In the "Trade and Travel" section, a replica of the 1073 Globtik Tokyo oil tanker was the main attraction. Its significance in math was due to an idea by William Froode, a British mathematician, where he stated that bulbous bows are much better than sharp bows in front of ships.

How about the small objects? Each of them has been housed in their own cabinet giving museum goers more space to explore the area from any angles. With each of them separated, people can look at each of them better and appreciate each quality more than when they were bunched together in one place.

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