Want To Be Highly Employable? Become A Full Stack Developer


A long time ago, there were just developers who work whatever their skills require them to do from designing the UI to doing some server side scripting. However, as new technologies emerge within each segment of the development stage, developers also began to classify themselves. Now, there are different types of developers, one of which is a full stack developer which has become one of the highly employable types. Facebook is allegedly employing only full stack developers. What is it and why has it become very highly attractive?

The term full stack developer sounds sophisticated but very easy to define. If you are this type of developer that means you can work using multiple technologies across multiple domains. In layman's terms, you can create a website or an app from scratch from start to finish.

Full stack developers are not necessarily experts in all domains, such as OS, database, frontend, backend, etc. However, they are able to create a product that is fully functional in the following domains. These types of developers can also be different based on the technology they know within each domain.

After describing what a full stack developer is, what are the benefits you can have if you are one. How employable have you become?

Full stack developers are highly attractive in the market nowadays. That's because a lot of companies want to hire less people but with a diverse skills set, which the full stack developer has. By hiring a full stack developer, they can hire less developers to work in various segments.

Being a full stack developer does not just increase your employability but your flexibility as well. Since you know almost all segments of the process, you can jump easily from one step to the other resulting in a seamless and fluid product.

One of the biggest challenges of this type of developer is the fast rate of how technologies are changing. Full stack developers need to keep themselves updated with the new and emerging design technologies if they want to stay relevant. Therefore, if you want to pursue being one, you need to be up for these types of challenges.

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