‘Mortal Kombat’ News: ‘Mortal Kombat’ DLC Characters, WB Rebooted Movie; ‘Mortal Kombat’ Cast Include Vin Diesel And Megan Fox? [Video]


News on everything "Mortal Kombat" begins with co-creator Ed Boon's "Mortal Kombat X" that may feature new DLC characters including Neo from the Matrix. Also currently in talks and planning in Warner Brothers studio is a rebooted "Mortal Kombat" movie with rumored cast topbilled by Vin Diesel, Megan Fox and Liam Neeson.

"Mortal Kombat' may be a nineties classic arcade game, but it is still popular among younger generations with the "Mortal Kombat' series revived by Warner Brothers Digital. At present, NetherRealm CEO Boon is now in the process of selecting possible guest characters to the "Mortal Kombat" game based from earlier direction of featuring crossover characters from other franchises.

Previously Midway unveiled a new game "Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe" where players can download DC Characters like Harley Quinn or Quan Chi. But because of bankruptcy, Midway abandoned the project. However, Boon picked up Midway's plan of featuring guest characters with the new "Mortal Kombat" games.

Boon revealed that they know that they need to have new DLC characters, which may include Neo from "The Matrix" and new parent, Warner Brothers, horror story characters like Jason, Freddy and Leatherface with Boon finally picking Freddy Krueger among the lot, GameInformer has learned.Nonetheless, players would have welcomed the addition of Neo, who will surely make for an interesting gameplay.

Meanwhile, rumors still abound on a "Mortal Kombat" rebooted movie that may be released in 2017 or the latest in 2018. Simon McQuoid, who is known for directing commercial by top brands like PlayStation, Halo and Range Rover, has been tapped to direct the movie with James Wan of "Insidious" and "The Conjuring" acting as producer according to Variety.

"Mortal Kombat" has been made into a movie in 1995 with $70 million dollars in domestic box-office. A follow-up, the "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" was not well-received, which prompted the studio from planning other sequels until lately when Warner Brothers initiated talks with McQuoid for a new "Mortal Kombat" project.

The "Mortal Kombat" movie will feature a stellar cast headed by Vin Diesel as Shao Khan, Megan Fox as Kitana, and Liam Neeson as Raiden, to mention just a few according to The Hollywood News. However, these rumors are still unconfirmed by Warner Brothers, but the fact that a movie about a well-loved game is in the works is already good news for "Mortal Kombat" fans.

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