‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Update To Be Revealed At The ‘Kingdom Hearts 2.8’ Release; ‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ For Xbox One Pre-Orders At Amazon For $59 [Video]


"Kingdom Hearts" fans had been eagerly waiting for updates regarding Kingdom Hearts 3" as promised by the game director at the E3 event. 

Back in the E3 event, Tetsuya Nomura, "Kingdom Hearts 3" game director promised that the new information about the "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be revealed at the release of the "Kingdom Hearts 2.8" which is slated for Jan. 12. This means, fans will have to wait until then, besides, it's only few more days from now.

Despite the fact that there no news for the "Kingdom Hearts 3" since it was introduced at the E3 event, fans need not worry because Amazon has started taking pre-orders for the "Kingdom Hearts 3" for Xbox One and PS4 for $59. Square Enix also made sure that to give something to "Kingdom Hearts" fans while patiently waiting for the KH3 as they know how the people loved the upcoming series although fans know only little details.

Square Enix will be participating at this year's Jump Festa, Japan's yearly anime convention which will be held on Dec. 17 and 18. The "Kingdom Hearts" developer shared that part of the lineup includes the "Dragon Quest" ("Hoshi no Dragon Quest" and "Dragon Quest X") and "Kingdom Hearts" series. However, note that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will not be there but the remaster collection of "Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 HD" and "Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailers will surely be there.

On the other hand, fans may also feast on the new trailer of the "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue" which will arrive in PlayStation on January 24, 2017, WWG reported. Check out the really nice soundtrack of the game and see how Sora and the gang make their way through the dangerous world.

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