Career 101: Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Promoted


If you have been working for the same company for years, you may have, at one point, wanted to move up the ladder, too, and find career growth. Performing the same role and doing the same thing every single day can be disheartening and when you find yourself yearning for growth, but still not getting a good chance at it, maybe it's time to reflect and think about why it's so.

Here are some of the things that may be getting in the way of your career advancement:

1. You haven't done anything significant to prove to your boss you deserve a promotion

This is one common mistakes among employees who are in a rush to move up. You may have done a great job but maybe, there was no specific situation yet where you were able to show your skills and unique abilities that will qualify you to assume a higher post.

2. You haven't had enough support from mentors and colleagues

It's important to recognize that part of being successful is the people who got your back. You cannot be successful without the help of others. You need other people to back you up and support you with the promotion you've dreamt of.

3. You wait for opportunities to come to you

You have to go out and get them. Be proactive. A significant factor for you to be noticed comes when you go out of your way to do something significant for the benefit of the organization. You cannot just sit there and wait for your boss to ask you to do something. Go out of your way to be more useful and visible.

4. Explore other opportunities outside your company

If you have been more or less ten years in your company and it's not able to provide career growth not even for other employees, it's about time to look somewhere else. You cannot rot in the same role doing the same things forever. If you know you deserve to move up, give it to yourself.

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