‘Diablo 4’ Release Date, News & Update: ‘Diablo 4’ Release Date Is Not Coming, Period No String Attached


"Diablo 4" probably isn't coming anytime soon after Blizzard Entertainment decided to focus on the current version of the game series and its planned expansion. The latest gaming story suggests that Blizzard is not taking the rumored Diablo 4 project a top priority for now. Instead, the company is focusing on "Diablo 3" "Rise of the Necromancer" expansion, which is set to arrive next year.

Based on reports, Diablo games release very far apart with expansions follow quickly. The game was first introduced on 2012 but its last expansion arrived in 2014. With some good math and analysis, one could get a good answer quickly -- that two year's on from Reaper of Souls, logic dictates there might be something new this year.

As it turns out, Blizzard is working on something new but it's not the sequel, it's the original Diablo game. Blizzard is remaking the game, adding fresh contents.

Despite rumors of the sequel cancellation, many Diablo fans remain positive and still hope for "Diablo 4" to materialize. For now, Diablo players will have to enjoy the current version of the game as the "Diablo 3" "Rise of the Necromancer DLC" is expected to feature exciting features and fresh contents.

Diablo 4 Not Happening:

According to reports, Blizzard is busy working on the current version of the game and that the much-awaited "Diablo 4" is currently not part of the company's planned game releases in the future. Currently, the works on "Diablo 3" "Rise of the Necromancer DLC" is now in full swing and just in scheduled for the upcoming expansion. Additionally, Blizzard is also adding fresh content for the game, which is expected to arrive on 2017. 

Blizzard Focusing More On Diablo 3 Instead On Diablo 4:

Since Diablo 3 is still strong on the market, Blizzard does not intend to work on another big-budgeted game. Fans still love the game. Therefore, Blizzard seems to be unclear about a sequel, according to IGN.

Previous reports suggest Blizzard will start working on "Diablo 4" right after it releases "Diablo 3" "Rise of the Necromancer DLC." There's also some rumors that Diablo has already entered the initial stage of game development. However, it appears that the developer has another set of plans lined up and it does not include the sequel.

Diablo 3 is still going strong, so this might be the biggest reason why there still no need for another installment. Players are waiting for the next big update, which is the "Rise of the Necromancer." Blizzard is sure that this will be its top priority for this year and the coming years. So players should not expect something new or another installment coming anytime soon.

Apparently, Blizzard will unveil them at the right time with the right crowd, but not this year or next year. For now, the sequel "Diablo 4" will remain a mystery as the developer declined to make any comment on its existence and development.

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