Don’t Let These Mistakes Destroy Your Career


We all make mistakes, in our professional and in our personal lives. But there are serious mistakes that can instantly ruin your reputation and worse, cost you your job. Sometimes, there are just the little things that go unnoticed but they get piled up until they take a toll on your career.

Here are the mistakes you need to stay away from before they damage your own career.

1. Falling short of your promises. You have to be very careful with this. There are times when we underestimate our goals and the tasks entrusted to us and we end up promising something we're really not able to deliver. When this happens, you will only bring disappointment to your boss and to your colleagues and that's not giving them the right impression.

2. Being complacent. Like what they say, complacency can ruin your career. Not only will that give your boss an impression that you are becoming lazy. Being complacent also translates to you not proactively looking for career growth. It will only show them you will never be ready for better opportunities.

3. Resistant to change. Change is constant and in a growing business, changes are inevitable. Even you think about your personal growth as a person, change is necessary for you to be better. You cannot always stay to the things you have gotten used to if you have a goal to grow in your career. You have to be able to embrace change.

4. Being egoistic. As soon as you start feeling successful with the things you achieve in your work, you should be careful not to let it creep into your head and get the better of you. It's perfectly okay to take pride for your successes whether big or small. But just remember, it will not last forever if you're not going to be careful.

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