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Benjamin Hardy's Success Secrets In Attracting 50K Readers Within 16 Months


Benjamin Hardy might not yet be considered a household name but in the blogging world, he is already a celebrity. At age 28, he was able to accomplish what a few has been able to accomplish - gain more than 50K readers in a matter of 16 months.

Being able to attract 50,000 email subscribers in barely two years might not be impressive if you are already an established author or own a company. However, if you are able to do that without anything to your name, then you want to know how that person was able to do that.

That was what Benjamin Hardy was able to accomplish what was impossible. What more he documented everything he learned in the process and shared it with others. Now, he is a consultant, a published author, an entrepreneur, and a student working on a Ph.D.

He said that even before he succeeded in blogging, he discovered one habit he thinks has become the driving force of his success. That habit is having a consistent morning routine. He said that the time between 8 and 10 AM have a huge effect on your failure or success.

He said that it was this principle  that led him to write his first megahit, 8 Things Successful People Do Before 8 AM. Within a short period of time, the article gained 3 million reads on Medium and more than a million on Business Insider. It also became the second most read article on the NY Observer.

Aside from having a consistent morning routine, he said quality is also important in your work. In terms of writing, quality does not only mean having a perfect grammar or excellent writing style. Instead, quality means that it provides value to the recipients: in his case, it's the readers. If you are able to provide the value they are looking for, they will come to you. Moreover, they will be loyal to you and bring more along the way.

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