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‘Final Fantasy XV’ News and Update: What Made The Release Successful; PC Release Possible? [Video]


Square Enix, the developer and owner of the "Final Fantasy" series wants the new "Final Fantasy XV" to last a long time they created a long-term plan. Nobody expected that the developer has been listening and considering the suggestions and ideas of the players.

Hajime Tabata, the game director said in his blog post that the release of the "Final Fantasy XV" game is not the end. He also acknowledged that they have been listening to the players' ideas in making a better gaming experience and so they will be providing free game updates all throughout the year. He also mentioned their short term, medium term and long term goals for the "Final Fantasy XV."

Adding gameplay for the Chapter 13 of the "Final Fantasy XV" is part of their short-term goal and as for the medium-term goal, they will go deeper into the story while scenes that give character motivation insight will be added. For their long-term plan, they are thinking of possible ways to make the important characters be playable and will also consider adding an avatar system to create original characters, iDigitalTimes reported.

Another proof that Square Enix is indeed listening to their players' ideas is their plan to release a purchasable DLC episode of the "Final Fantasy XV." Tabata and the development team is also exploring ways to make other characters playable and customizable for the players to be able to interact with the game. The team is also thinking of giving players the option for low-level playthroughs according to Mashable.

The release of the "Final Fantasy XV" for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was a success and according to many, it is worth the wait and now, rumor is rife that Square Enix is looking at the possible PC release as fans have requested. The PC release is said to happen in 2018 according to KitGuru.

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