Christmas Gift Shopping? Here are the Gifts that Guarantee Happiness According to Science


Gift giving has been a Christmas tradition for ages and it's a very meaningful and fulfilling experience for both the giver and the recipient. But while these material things bring temporary happiness and pleasure, studies show that giving experience will make it more meaningful.

According to psychologists, people tend to be happier with experiences instead of material possessions.

"We have found that people tend to be happier when they invest in experiences, because experiential purchases connect people to one another, enhance their sense of self, and, relative to material consumption, tend to be appreciated for their intrinsic value rather than how they compare to what others have," study authors Amit Kumar, Jesse Walker and Thomas Gilovich wrote in Scientific American.

And because people feel more appreciative of the experiences rather than the gifts they acquired, here are some gift ideas you may want to try for this year.

1. Concert or event tickets. This is ideal for someone whom you know is a fan of some artists or a group. You'll definitely going to give them something to look forward to for the next year.

2. Cooking or baking class. If your mom or sister or a friend loves to cook or bake and they want to up their skills in these things, you can sign them up for a class. They'll surely going to love it.

3. Mini vacation. This could work out for your significant other or for your parents perhaps and if your budget can handle it, then this is going to be a perfect holiday gift.

4. Subscription to a yoga service. Well who doesn't want to feel relaxed and relived from stress? Anyone would definitely appreciate the benefits of mindfulness and meditation they can get from a yoga class. Plus, it would be a great start in welcoming 2017.

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