Scholarship Mobile App Assists High School Students With Future College Education Tuition


Parents often find it challenging to develop a college mindset to their high school students. The good news is that there is now a mobile app for that.

Numerous North Jersey schools are implementing the scholarship discovery platform to assist students obtain financial credits from colleges for what they do during the four years in their high school career. These include grades, volunteer work, and extracurricular work.

Ramsey High School is currently in its second year in implementing the program. Midland Park Jr./Sr. is about to introduce the program to its seniors. The Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District has joined the program, as reported by the North Jersey.

Students get demotivated at a $65,000 annual college tuition. But because of the program and the things they did in high school, they do not have to worry about the humongous tuition as they can obtain a discount. It might not be such a large amount of money but this shows the student that their high school work is significant. is web-based achievement and activity registry that high school students accomplish as they go through high school. The registry can be connected to one or more of 200 participating colleges. Each college designates a financial credit to specific activities and achievements. Examples include obtaining $100 in credit for a course. A student could earn $300 for being a member on the lacrosse team. A student can garner $1,000 for volunteering with the ambulance corps.

The program also mentors students on choices they can make to increase their credits. A college may suggest that credits will increase if students continue with a second or third year of a foreign language or opts to have an advanced placement over a basic level course.

High schools students can enroll in the program for free. Seed money for was from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, King Center Charter School, College Summit, and Facebook.

Students do not have to apply to the colleges with which they link. However, students can only obtain financial credits by a particular college if he enrolls and is accepted at that institution.

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