‘The Sims 4’ New Update Introduces Free Holiday Celebration Pack; Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack Revealed [VIDEO]


"The Sims 4" has received a brand new update, which will introduce the free Holiday Celebration Pack. The Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack was also revealed recently.

"The Sims 4" free Holiday Celebration Pack

According to the official website of "The Sims 4," Maxis has revealed that they have updated the video game recently so that they could introduce the free Holiday Celebration Pack. This year, they will add some new objects to join the existing lineup, which were introduced last year. They introduced outfits, the light up tree, snowflake decals, and other items that had the theme of the holidays last year.

The update added a holiday table, a fireplace, a nutcracker, and a centerpiece. They also added a little object called the Holiday plum. Players can easily find the Holiday Celebration Pack items in "The Sims 4" with the Holiday Pack Filter, which can be accessed in the Build Mode.

Players can try out the new Holiday Cracker, which is an interactive object that a Sim can use in "The Sims 4." This cracker can result in random items like a piece of candy, some scrap upgrade parts, or collectible objects. It can also get the chance to grant one of the eight different themed plushies, which give off a Playful aura.

"The Sims 4" Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack details

According to another post on the official website of "The Sims 4," the Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack was introduced recently. This introduced several items that could make the Sims feel like they are from the golden age of old Hollywood. The vanity table was introduced in this pack, which made the Sims take their time in touching-up their make-up and look their very best without going to the Create a Sim feature.

The new pack for "The Sims 4" introduced new decorative items and furnishings for the Sims home. It introduced the giraffe lamp and the new wallpapers that have a metallic reflective appearance. It also introduced the Butler NPC that the players' Sim can hire to do the things they do not want to do like cooking, cleaning, and other menial jobs.

Check out "The Sims 4" Vintage Glamour Stuff Official Trailer video below:

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