‘Bulletstorm: Full Clip’ Will Not Be Free Upgrade For Original Game Owners [VIDEO]


"Bulletstorm: Full Clip" will not be a free upgrade for those who own the original video game. Pre-orders will have the Duke Nukem's Bulletstorm Tour content for free.

"Bulletstorm: Full Clip" not free upgrade

Gearbox Software founder and president Randy Pitchford tweeted to confirm that those who own "Bulletstorm" on PC will not be able to upgrade to the new "Bulletstorm: Full Clip" for free. Although they are collaborating with People Can Fly, the original one was released by EA, which makes it impossible for a free upgrade. The original one was released on PC through Games for Windows Live, which is different for the latest version.

"Bulletstorm: Full Clip" community not pleased

According to the official website of Steam, several community members of "Bulletstorm: Full Clip" are not pleased about the latest news. One member suggested that they should purchase the game during the holiday sale instead. Another member accepted Pitchford's reason, but $50 for him is still overpriced.

"Bulletstorm: Full Clip" Duke Nukem addition

According to the official website of "Bulletstorm: Full Clip," the pre-order of the video game will let players get the chance to play as the Duke Nukem, the iconic first person shooter character. It will have all new recorded lines from the original voice actor of Duke.

For those who pre-ordered in Steam, they can get a 15 percent discount. "BulletStorm: Full Clip" will also launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 7.

"Bulletstorm: Full Clip" details

"Bulletstorm: Full Clip" will have ultra-high resolutions with the high-resolution textures, increased polygon counts, better framerates, and it will support up to 4k resolution on PC and PlayStation Pro. The upgraded version will have all of the previously-released DLC with the new content as well. It will also have new modes like the Overkill Campaign Mode where players can just fight their way through the campaign with an unrestricted arsenal of weapons.

Check out the "Bulletstorm: Full clip" World Premiere video below:

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