‘Pyre’ Getting Versus Mode; New Characters Introduced With New Trailer [VIDEO]


Supergiant's "Pyre" will be getting a Versus Mode when it launches soon. There will be new characters added to the game with the new trailer confirming it.

"Pyre" to get multiplayer mode

According to the official blog of Supergiant Games, the game developers were proud to announce that they will be offering a multiplayer mode for "Pyre." This mode will have a head-to-head Versus Mode, where players can challenge their friends in on a fast-paced ritual showdown. The developers have been playing this mode in their studio to test the feature out.

"Pyre" developer explains multiplayer addition

Supergiant explained that their focus on "Pyre" was always about the single-player campaign experience. It was about creating the cast of characters of all shapes and sizes that players will meet throughout their journey. The multiplayer feature was something they thought as well, but it was only to be implemented if they felt they could pull it off without compromising their ambitions for the single-player experience.

"Pyre" multiplayer objective

The objective in the multiplayer mode of "Pyre" is to extinguish the opponent's ceremonial flame. To do that, players have to grasp and object called the Celestial Orb then dive into the flames with the item or just they throw it in. They will have three different exiles at their disposal, but only one is permitted to move any given time.

"Pyre" multiplayer only local for now

The game developer clarified that their Versus Mode will let players play against each other on the same system in local head-to head competition for "Pyre." They said that this arcade-style experience is the most compatible style for the game's gameplay. For online multiplayer, they are still thinking about it because they are still unsure if online play will make sense for this game.

"Pyre" will have new characters

Supergiant confirmed that there will be a new set of characters called the Beyonders. These will be comprised of several hardened exiles like Barker, Ignarius, and Sandra the Unseeing. These new characters are featured in a new video, which can be viewed below.

"Pyre" story details

According to another post on the official blog of Supergiant Games, "Pyre" will let players lead a band of exiles through an ancient competition that is held across the vast lands of purgatory. If they win, they get to get out and have their freedom.

Check out the "Pyre" Versus Mode Trailer video below: 

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