'Modern Family' Season 8 Casts, Spoilers: Gloria to Cheat on Jay?; No More Haley-Andy as Old Fling Returns?

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"Modern Family" season 8 follows up the previous story where Jay announced his retirement and Haley broke up with Andy.

 "Modern Family" Season 8 Cast, Spoilers: Sports Star Plays Coach Gary

Peyton Manning is confirmed to join "Modern Family" season 8 as Sofia Vergara shared an Instagram post of him photobombing her picture in the production set.

The two-time Super Bowl champion, Manning, plays Coach Gary - a sports tutor for Jay and Gloria's son, Joe, in an episode of the "Modern Family" season 8, TMZ reported. The former quarterback's presence seems to be threatening to Jay as he sees him talking comfortably with his wife.

Coach Gary is hired by Gloria in the first place and this episode will likely see Jay and Gloria quarrel over the reason she chooses him as their son's tutor. Wil the coach presence cause the couple to split?

"Modern Family" Season 8 Cameos Confirmed

Previously, Charles Barkley and DeAndre Jordan have also been announced to join the "Modern Family". They will be playing in a charity game held by Phil. It is reported that in one episode, there will be a friction between the two stars and the Dunphy Dad as both of them involve too much in the event.

"Modern Family" Season 8 Cast, Spoilers: Haley-Andy is Over as Dylan Returns?

In season 8, Haley breakups with Andy but it won't take long as her old flame, Dylan, is back. Many viewers have speculated that the two might be involved in a romantic relationship just like they had during high-school.

However, that is unlikely since "Modern Family" season 8 sees Haley busy with her new job as a businesswoman, Spoilersguide reported. It seems that Haley will stay single for a long period of time while figuring out if she loves Andy or Dylan more.

"Modern Family" season 8 airs on ABC on Wednesdays

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