Infltr Lets You Filter Live Videos And Photos In iMessage And Apple Live Photo; New Version Available [Video]


Infltr, known for giving Instagram a run for its money, is bringing the photo-editing app to the iMessage platform, giving users an opportunity to apply filters to live camera feed in iMessage, as well as applying filters to Apple's Live Photos.

Infltr provides users with millions of photo filters that will give each photo a unique look and visual feel. The new update last February, according to Infltr co-founder Philippe Levieux became one of the first phone apps that gave users the freedom to edit their Live Photos on the fly. Accordingly, Infltr was recognized by Apple as the Editor's Choice and Best New App for its clever functionality, according to TechCrunch.

The new Infltr update now allows users to exploit the apps new capability of pulling up the app while engaged in iMessage and applying filter even before taking their photos. The user is presented with a camera viewfinder in iMesage making it easier to pull up the app as well as choose whether to use the front or rear camera.

Once the app is running, Infltr presents the user with an array of colored dots on the left side of the screen where it lets the user filter the picture before taking it, according to Engadget. Likewise, the user can also apply photo-style filters to iPhone videos. The difference with Instagram, according to the Levieux, is that one can apply filters in real-time while the video plays. A feature not currently done by other existing apps.

The interesting app though filled with useful tricks is still challenged in stamping its niche in the photo/video market where it is ranked in the low 600's. The app is still ranked below that of more popular rival apps like EyeEm, Instagram, PicLab, Aviary, Prisma and MSQRD.

Despite this, Infltr has a current following of 24,000 users. The app is translated into 22 languages. Infltr in the future plans to gather data to help users choose which filters are trending and where. They hope that Infltr in the future could create geo-filters that suggest which filter to use in certain locations, like Snapchat.

The new version if Infltr is available on the iTunes App Store for $2.99

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