‘Lara Croft Go’ Coming To PS4 And Vita With New Levels [Video]


Players of the "Lara Croft Go," especially those who own a PS4 or PS Vita, are excited following the announcement made at the PlayStation Experience last Dec. 3 and 4. Square Enix Montreal, the game's developer officially announced that "Lara Croft Go" will soon be played in PS4 and PS Vita. What's adding to the hype is the revelation that new levels are available. Check out the details here.

Aside from the announcement at the PSX, the developer also posted in Twitter a message of confirmation about the game's availability in PS4 and PS Vita and that they collaborated with KO_OP for the expansion. As a lot of "Lara Croft Go" players expected, "The Mirror of Spirits" will come to PS4 and Vita first.

Not only the revelations are keeping the craze over the Lara Croft because, the list of the 18 trophies for the game was spotted at the website of Exophase. The trophies include a platinum and 9 golds where some golds require players to collect artifacts or even reach the top of the mountain and explore the ocean floor in order to unlock the trophies, PlayStationLifeStyle reported.

Players need not worry about the look of Lara Croft in the PlayStation version because the classic look of Tomb Raider will be retained according to Game Spot. As for the Schedule of release, there is no specific date yet but since Square Enix announced the release of the Hitman Go at the PSX 2015 and released the game in February 2016, hence the speculation that maybe, the developer will also release "Lara Croft Go" PS4 and Vita in February 2017.

"Lara Croft Go" as a mobile game has bagged some awards category which proves that the game is indeed loved by many. At The Game Awards 2015, the game won the Best Mobile/Handheld Game, also won Apple Design Award 2016 in the game category as well as Best Game of the Year at the Apple's Best of 2015.

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