Reasons Why It’s Okay That You Don’t Have your Dream Job Yet, from a Behavioral Economist


After graduation, you may be starting a job that isn't exactly ideal or perfect for you. It maybe because you haven't really thought about it or wasn't sure if you made the right choice. But if you begin questioning your career choice, here's what you have to learn about the myth of the "ideal job".

Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University and the author of the new book "Payoff," talked to Business Insider about what it exactly means by getting your dream or perfect job.

"What people don't understand is that we also have the capacity to bend the job to our will," he said.

"So if we see somebody being a good fit for their job, it's not because this was them, this was the job, and there was a magical matching. It was probably a long process in which the person changed a little bit and the job changed a little bit."

This process is called "job crafting" by psychologists. This is means that you mold your job so that you can find meaning and fulfilment in it. According to research, the employees who go through job crafting are happier employees. They are also able to show better work performance compared to those who did not go through the process.

In short, it is not about being able to find your dream job, but it's all about creating it. It may not happen as instant, but it is possible. It's just a matter of trying to realize what really interests you.

"People have a view that they need to find their ideal job in the beginning, not realizing that we change over our lives. We learn new skills; we adapt; and also the job adapts as well." Said Ariely.

"It's kind of a difficult observation because it says, 'Don't look for the perfect job.' It means, 'Look for a job that is in the general direction of your skills and passion and so on.'

"Don't worry too much about the perfect fit because if you look for the perfect fit you'll never find it." He added.

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