8 Minute of ‘Resident Evil 7’ Footage Revealed; Review for the New Game is Incredible


Capcom has officially announced a "Resident Evil 7" game, releasing trailers and videos to excite the fans. But now, IGN gives gamers something more - an eight minute compressed footage of four hours worth of gameplay from the latest instalment of the popular survival horror video game franchise.

Resident Evil 7 will be out on January 24 next year on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, UberGizmo reported. According to the commentaries in the eight minute footage, the game lives up to the hype delivered by all the trailers. It is very scary, and it would definitely be something gamers would play alone.

The first person horror game also has a virtual reality version, which another crazy way for gamers to scare themselves to death.

Has Feel of Original 1996 Game

Most of the recent "Resident Evil" instalments are slowly shifting from a survival horror movie into a more action packed game filled with spectacles.

"Resident Evil 7" has brought the franchise back to its roots as it has the feel of the original 1996 game, IGN reported. The footage shows that the new RE7 respects the survival horror genre filled with mystery and heavy exploration, which is what Resident Evil is supposedly all about.

According to the review, RE7 brings new ideas and innovations from today's gaming world, but connects it with how the earlier games used to be. It brings a good balance of the old and the new gaming experience.

The Plot is Nostalgic but Terrifying

The story begins when the main character wakes up in the Baker's mansion, with no weapon, and no idea why and what to do. He is then surrounded by the foreboding Baker family, including the father Jack, the mother Marquette, their son Lucas, and Grandma, who somehow scares the hell out of the gamer every time she appears.

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