‘Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5’ Set for Release Before Christmas; Episode Takes Excitement Even Higher


Batman fans have more reasons to celebrate this season as Telltale Games announced that "Batman: The Telltale Series" Episode 5 will be released before Christmas.

The episodic graphic video game is highly anticipated as it heads into its finale, Attack on the Fanboy reported. Telltale games are known for usually ending their episodes with cliffhangers and exciting reveals. And its Batman series takes this excitement even higher.

Episode 4 Gets Bad Review

Telltale shows Batman's story just as much as it does about billionaire Bruce Wayne. Besides that, it has also managed to give the fans a whole new take on the Batman. Its episodes have brought momentum to the story. But its Episode 4 didn't exactly give the fans whatever that momentum is building up to, Gamespresso reported.

According to reviews, episode 4 wasn't as good as the past episodes. That doesn't necessarily mean it was bad, especially that Telltale finally shows its own take of the Joker. However, "Guardian of Gotham" doesn't show that character depth showcased in the past episodes.

Also, the notoriously infamous Arkham Asylum wasn't given enough justice as fans didn't see what they desired about that place from the game's episode 4.

Episode 4 somehow sets things up for a thrilling season finale, which makes fans more excited for episode 5.

Two Telltale Games Rolls Out December

According to reports, Telltale promised to provide more information about "Batman: The Telltale Series" Episode 5 soon. Updates could be announced on the Game Awards. The event will showcase "The Walking Dead Season 3," which is set for release on December 20.

This means two Telltale games will roll out on December. There could be a possibility that both games will be released on the same date.

"Batman: The Telltale Series" is an impressive point-and-click game. However, it has its own share of technical problems that disappointed some fans.

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