White House App Brings A Dollar Bill To Life; History Lessons Using AR Technology Used in ‘Pokémon Go’ [VIDEO]


A White House app is now able to bring a one dollar bill to life where players get to see the White House emerge out of a buck. Using the same technology in "Pokémon Go," history lessons can now make use of Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which makes it even more engaging and interesting.

The White House has come up with an innovative tool to educate people about the "People's House" in an AR app called the "1600." The app allows the White House to come to life using just a dollar.

The app was developed by ex-Facebook employee and now presently the White House product director, Joshua Miller, TechCrunch has learned. Getting inspiration from AR games like "Pokémon Go," Miller capitalizes on the innovative technology to teach people about the history of the White House complemented by interactive  animations.

Miller and his team were set on a goal of using "1600" as an educational tool where app users get immersed in White House history and the United States Presidential Office Administration. The history of the building is narrated by press secretary, Josh Earnest.

Earnest in his official blog says that the "White House endures as an institution of American Democracy," thereby stressing the importance of "1600" as an educational tool, CNet reported. During his narration, "1600" provides 3D images of the White House going through different seasons and covering various events like the state arrival ceremony.

Kids will particularly enjoy tapping the virtual structure and discover easter eggs throughout the 160 Pennsylvania Ave. grounds. Though "1600" is targetting kids to learn more about the history of the White House, it is also captivating enough even for adults.

The "1600" offers a fresh take on AR apps that were popularized by games like "Pokémon Go," by offering something valuable with an intrinsic historical element. The White House developers aimed to pioneer the use of AR technology in making various educational tools that are engaging and interesting.

The White House is free to download on Android and iOS devices. All you need to have is a dollar, which amounts to a huge investment by knowing more about the history of the "People's House."

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