MacBook Pros 2016 News, Update: The Biggest Issue That Users Discovered So Far & How To Fix it

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MacBook Pros have reportedly been the target of faulty speakers at this time. Apparently, a number of complaints have been pointing to the recently released MacBook Pros. On this note, the giant tech company has reportedly released a major fix to the faulty devices.

Latest reports have been denouncing the MacBook Pros particularly with its sound system. Apparently, several Macbook Pros speakers have been producing a distorted or crackling noise on either or both of the MacBook Pros speakers. It should be noted that the users who claim to experience the issue have installed the Windows 10 with Boot Camp.

Moreover, the issue with the MacBook Pros have reportedly persisted despite booting back to macOS Sierra, for example. The damaged devices have reportedly been reported to Apple for a replacement unit. However, some users may have to wait for several weeks to claim their new MacBook Pros apparently due to limited stock, MacRumors reported.

It has been noted that older versions of the MacBook Pros currently do not experience the problem. Moreover, users of Windows virtualization software like Parallels Desktop or VMware also have no issues. In light of this, the company has reportedly released new Boot Camp audio drivers via the Apple Software Update on Windows. In contrast, users of already-blasted speakers may need a replacement altogether.

In other news, the recently launched MacBook Pros is still raking in good reviews. Note that the latest device in the line adopted a thinner design and an improved screen as well as a new trackpad and keyboard. The MacBook Pros reportedly boasts a power boost as well, Telegraph UK reported.

MacBook Pros this year has also introduced new features on the Apple line. The latest device reportedly came with a Touch Bar or a touchscreen strip above the keyboard. iPad and iPhone users may also be familiar with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner that the new MacBook Pros came out with.

Watch the MacBook Pro warning here:

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