The Advantages of Being Left-Handed According To A Study


Many psychologists in the past believed that being a leftie entails several disadvantages, and it has been branded as a sign of weakness. But there's actually really nothing wrong with being left handed, in fact, according to a psychologist Stephen Christman from the University of Toledo, there is really no scientific evidence that supports the belief of many that being left-handed is a disadvantage. There are even interesting facts about lefties that make them unique. Here are some of those:

  •  Lefties have quick thinking because they have faster connection between their left and right brains which makes it easier for them to process information quickly. This is based on an Australian study published in 2006 in the journal Neuropsychology. According to the research, this ability of the lefties could be an advantage to them in things such as video games and sports.

In the study, the participants were measured based on their transfer time between brain hemispheres and another study required them to use both sides of their brain. Compared to the right-handed participants, it was the lefties who were found to be the faster in processing information.

  •  According to the Australian study mentioned above, lefties are the ones who have faster reaction times which gives them the advantage in interactive sports such as fencing, boxing, tennis and baseball, and even in gymnastics and diving.
  •  Lefties can be more creative thinkers because they have a more developed right brain hemisphere, that's according to Chris McManus, a psychologist from the University College London. The right hemisphere is the part of the brain that is more involved in creative thinking. Even in the past, many experts and studies have associated left handedness and creative thinking which can be quite possible some research have discovered that lefties do better when it comes to creating several solutions to a single problem or the so-called divergent thinking.

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