‘Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy’ Launches Together With Oculus Touch; Game Will Come To PSVR In 2017 [VIDEO]


"Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy" will launch together with the Oculus Touch in December. It will also be released on PlayStation VR next year.

"Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy" launches with Oculus Touch

In an official HandMade Game press release/docu, which can be downloaded via Google Drive, they announced that their latest VR game will be launched alongside the Oculus touch on Dec. 6. It will be launched for the HTC Vive on the same day as well.

"Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy" mechanics

In "Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy," players will have to use a crane to move shipping containers from an unstable tower. They can get the containers from different angles and throw them around to arrange them properly. They need to utilize the physical space to move and see the container tower in different angles.

Players will have to face some challenges and hazards along the way like boxes made out of explosives so it is advised that they should be careful when stacking the containers. A seagull named Steven will guide them through the process of the gameplay. It will also have different game modes to make it more exciting to play and a great challenge to tackle.

"Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy" similarities with Jenga and other details

According to the official website of Steam, "Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy" has the same mechanics with the popular Block-Pushing game called Jenga, but this video game has a unique twist with a crane in Virtual Reality. It will also have a local multiplayer, which lets the owners play with their friends, and the Network Multiplayer will be coming soon. It will also have the Vive controller support so that players can use their hands to control the crane.

"Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy" PC requirements

Players will need a PC that has a Windows 7 operating system, a processor at least 1.83 GHZ, 4GB RAM, and at least an NVIDIA GTX 870. It will also need a minimum storage of 200MP available space.

Check out the "Cranga!: Harbor Frenzy" Launch Date Trailer video below:

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