Kinkkutemppu: Finland's Plan To Turn Ham Into Renewable Energy


Kinkkutemppu might not ring a bell in other parts of the world but in Finland, it shows an ingenious and fun way to produce renewable energy. This plan is one of Finland's strategy to be the first nation that uses clean energy aside from being a leader in education.

Kinkkutemmpu is a Finnish term which is literally translated as "Ham Trick." No, this is not about how you make the perfect Christmas ham but rather how you turn the unwanted fat from your ham into renewable energy. Yes, you heard it right - ham can be used to power up your cars.

This novel and innovative idea was the brain child of Neste, a Finnish company and the leading leading producer of renewable diesel in the region. They are taking this initiative through their Pre-order the Future project.

According to the company. Finland consumes around 7 million kilograms of ham every Christmas. Excess fat from these Christmas hams, however, cause health problems as well as drainage problems when people pour it down their drains. Therefore, Neste proposed that instead of throwing it all away, people can donate the unwanted fats to the company where they can turn it into energy to fuel cars. Specifically, Kinkkutemppu can transform the fat taken from a single ham into two miles' worth of fuel for a car.

Osmo Kammonen, Kinkkutemppu owner, said they don't really know how much it will impact the environment but he said that "drops can make an ocean." He also hopes that it will just be the beginning of using fats into something more useful.

Kammonen is right as this project can play a very pivotal role in the discovery of zero waste and clean fuels path, especially if done in a much bigger scale. Come to think of it, Finland's 15 million kilos of ham pales in comparison to the 46 million kilos of ham in the US every Christmas.

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