'WWE 2K17' Update: All New Game Moves In 'WWE 2K17' DLC Pack Revealed


The new "WWE 2K17" DLC moves pack has just gotten released to the public. Once downloaded, these moves can now be selected in the "Create a Player" option for your created player.

According to Xbox Tavern, there are moves that wrestling fans are already familiar with and some they have yet to see performed in a WWE ring. For example, one of the moves included in the DLC pack is the Two Amigos. Eddie Guerrero has used the Three Amigos in the past and it is three consecutive vertical suplexes which means the Two Amigos is two consecutive vertical suplexes.

Some moves according to Attack of the Fanboy in the DLC pack are moves that are already familiar to the average wrestling fan like the ankle lock 2 and the jumping knee strike 7. Jack Swagger uses the ankle lock as his finishing move and Triple H often uses the jumping knee strike so both moves are often seen on TV.

Some moves were recently used by superstars on TV so users can use them and can update the move set of the superstar or add it to the arsenal of a created player. One example would be the Diving Elbro Drop which is a move used by Zack Ryder, one half of the Hype Bros. It is a move that's a tribute to the Macho Man Randy Savage.

There are also moves that are unfamiliar but there are demos that show exactly what they are. For example, it is not really known what the eight second ride, fireball punch and gory special flatliner are. The "Create a Player" mode has become one of the favorite modes of users because of the ability to create a wrestler so the additional moves to use in the new DLC pack created a ton of excitement.

Check out the trailer:

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