Drinking in College: 10 Healthier Ways to Manage Alcohol in Your Lifestyle


Healthy living and alcohol consumption really doesn't go together. Even the kind most of us would like to call 'social drinking'. Well, it's still drinking and the term 'social' is quite hard to quantify.

Then again, what's college without grabbing a drink every now and then? Is there a way to include alcohol in one's diet and drink healthily?

Co-founder/CEO of - the multivitamin for people who drink, shared these suggestions on Quora:

  • Skip sugary mixers. High fructose is just as hard for the body to process as alcohol. Avoid sweet and sugary mixers. If you can, pick a pure drink or mix it with water and fresh fruit instead.

  • Choose clear. When picking the drink of your choice, choose the clear ones. Literally, the clearer the better. Think gin, vodka and light beer. They all have lower calories than red wine,whisky or bourbon.

  • One drink, don't mix. Just stick to one type of booze for the night. It'll be easier to both your stomach and head. Mixing alcohol is a bad idea. You won't any feel better the next day but it could've been worse.

  • Booze breaks. Take extended periods without alcohol. A few days or weeks is even better so your liver can recover. The time off can also lower your tolerance of alcohol which means drinking and spending less without cutting the fun.

  • Eat. Don't drink on an empty stomach. Your body will need time to process the alcohol. Eating starch and dairy-rich food can also help by coating the stomach's lining.

  • Eat while you drink. Having snacks while you're drinking helps the body absorb the alcohol correctly.

  • Eat the next day. The body needs to recover so you should replenish the vitamins and minerals lost by eating healthy meals. This will also help restore the body's digestive cycle.

  • Drink water before, during and after. This will keep the body hydrated.Keep in mind alcohol is a diuretic.

  • Take vitamins and minerals. The body loses essential nutrients to drinking. Food intake may not be enough to get them all back so be sure to take supplements. It won't solve everything but it can help.

  • Drink less. It's not what you want to hear but with alcohol, that's it. The lesser, the better.

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