Eating Ice Cream For Breakfast Can Make you Smarter, Says Japanese Study

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

How does eating an ice cream for breakfast sound? A Japanese study just gave you more reasons to get that scoop in the morning.

Yoshiko Koga, a professor at Tokyo's Kyorin University, conducted a study that suggests how eating ice cream for breakfast can improve a person's brain performance. According to his research, it boosts people's alertness levels and decreases mental irritation.

In his study, he asked the subjects to eat ice cream in the morning and had them complete mental exercises on computer. After the exercises, he found that his "subject's brains exhibited an increase in high-frequency alpha waves, which are connected to enhanced alertness and reduced mental irritation."

He also conducted a separate study on those who only had a normal breakfast and discovered that compared to the ice cream group, this group has not shown an improvement when it comes to processing new information.

He conducted a study on the subjects' brain activities and it revealed that those who had ice cream for breakfast released high frequency alpha waves and these waves are associated with a person's high alertness and reduced mental irritation.

Some might argue that it is only because of the freezing cold temperature of the ice cream that sends shocks to the brain to wake it up and make a person feel more alert. This is why Koga conducted another experiment and this time he asked his subjects to have ice cold water. Although the results were similar, the effects were not exactly the same compared to the ones who had ice cream.

Professor Koga is an expert in psychophysiology and focused on the study of the association of certain food to stress relief, as well as the effects of some food to the aging process.

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