Coffee Lake Release & Update: Leaked Intel’s Processor Roadmap Reveals 8th-gen Coffee Lake Details; Highlights 6 Core Processors, 14nm Node


Intel Corporation is still in production with its seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors; however, rumors on its 8th generation processor named as Coffee Lake have been detailed as its successor according to the company's leaked presentation on its processor roadmap.

Intel Coffee Lake release date

According to the leaked roadmap, Intel's upcoming processor Coffee Lake processor family will bring the first 6-core SKU to the mainstream desktop lineup in its arrival in 2018, according to MobiPicker.

After Intel's notable success in its Kaby Lake processors offering 14nm FinFET technology and featured faster CPU clock speeds, clock speed changes and higher Turbo frequencies, the company's future plans point to its next generation Coffee Lake architecture replacing the Kaby Lake in the second half of 2018.

On its release, Coffee Lake will be Intel's first mainstream platform with six-core processor offerings. It carries a power-efficient advanced 14nm technology node and will be available in four variants, Coffee Lake "U," Coffee Lake "X," Coffee Lake "S," and Coffee Lake "H."

Intel Coffee Lake specs, other news and update

DigitalTrends reported that the Coffee Lake processors will target 2018 spanning "H" and "U" models. The "H" versions will draw between 35 to 45 watts of power whereas the "U" models will draw between 15 and 28 watts of power.

The six-core Coffee Lake "H" processor with a 45-watt power envelope and GT2 graphics will be equipped with six-core variant along with four-core and two-core chips. This chip will be joined by four-core "U" processors with power envelopes of 15 watts and 28 watts, and GT3e graphics. The "U" models will only have two cores while all Coffee Lake chips will include Intel's GT3e graphics.

Coffee Lake "H" is suited for mobility and laptop applications. Both this chip and "U" lineup are ultra-low power processors and will come with 4-core variants with GT3e graphics. These processors will be followed by Coffee Lake "S" and Coffee Lake "X" series chips for use in desktops, which produces higher thermal design power ratings than the mobile permutations.

Coffee Lake "X" is equipped with 6+2 die configuration, measuring 149 mm square, while the "S" series will have two variants, one with 6+2 die config, with die size 149 mm square and the other with 4+2 die config, with 126 mm square.

Before the Coffee Lake architecture's slated release, the first processors to be released will be under the "Cannon Lake" series that will come in low-power 5.2-watt and 15-watt chips designed for energy-efficient devices.

Cannon Lake and Coffee Lake processors are expected to be made available starting in late 2017 and early 2018.

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