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‘Sony’ Accused Of ‘Deleting’ ‘Sony 4K Bravia’ Negative Feedback Amid Black Friday Sale


Amid the Black Friday sales rush, dissatisfied owners of the “Sony 4K Bravia” television sets are accusing the tech manufacturer “Sony” of “deleting” its community forums to avoid users’ reports on some technical glitches and concerns with the said product.

The alleged action of the company is made to undermine the negative feedback of its “Sony 4K Bravia” amidst the high-spending season on the Black Friday sales.

User GivingCreditWhereDue said on a Reddit thread, “Sony's 2016 Bravia line is ill-equipped to handle 4K gaming, as their flagship models have really high levels of input latency."

Sony advertises their x930D bravia model as best fit for the PS4 Pro, but users who actually have it face a sever disadvantage when it comes to competitive and even casual games like Battlefield.”

The user also said that “Sony” has promised to give a product update last October this year. But it was postponed without any reasons.

“Sony also promised a marshmallow update for their 2016 line in sometime October which has been indefinitely postponed without any news.” the user added.

The thread was titled, "Buyers beware, it looks almost the entire 4K 'HDR capable' TV line up from Sony are trash for 4K and HDR gaming.”

But when clicking the community forum, the link would direct into an empty page with a message: “topic not found.”

The said community forum is containing a 90 pages-worth of reports of input lag issues upsetting its 2016 line of ultra-high definition (UHD) “Sony 4K Bravia” sets. The very sensitive topic allegedly urged “Sony” to “censor” and disabling the thread.

“Basically, Sony is trying to censor any bad press regarding their 2016 TVs for the holiday season, so I want to get the word out.” a Reddit user added.

Until now, no official news is released by “Sony.” Would this news can significantly affect consumers from getting the “Sony 4K Bravia” this Black Friday sale?

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