‘Fallout 4’ Patch for PS4 Pro Uncertain; Xbox One Patch 1.02 for Skyrim Remastered Now Available


Bethesda is not ready to bring the "Fallout 4" game to the PS4 Pro console. According to the latest update, the patch that could eventually bring the game to the PS4 Pro has not been finalized. Despite being able to bring the "Fallout 4" mods on PS4, Bethesda is falling short on detailing the update that will bring the role-playing game to the platform.

According to the Gaming Bolt, the latest "Fallout 4" update 1.8 brought new patch for the game's mods on the PS4. It unfortunately did not include the necessary update for the next-gen console. However, Bethesda made sure that not everyone will be torn by the news.

In fact, along with the revelation that the "Fallout 4" update for PS4 Pro has not arrived, is the announcement of the new patch for Skyrim Remastered. Xbox One players in particular will be able to enjoy the developer's latest work on the game. All PC and PS4 players received the Skyrim patch earlier during the week.

No change logs were featured meaning, the Skyrim Remastered update will only fix bugs and enhance the game; no new features will be added. Meanwhile, Bethesda is still working on getting the "Fallout 4" game on the VR. While it seem alarming that after its E3 2016 introduction the version disappeared, Bethesda said, it will work out its way on the VR and it's one of their least worried project to this date.

The original release date of "Fallout 4" on VR is on June 2017. However, based on how Bethesda's Todd Howard explain things, it could arrive later than the expected date of arrival. According to VG24/7, the game developer also implied how its market is not their main priority, but the chance to create a different project meant for a different system.

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