Pokemon GO Update: Niantic Reveals News Of Amazing Features, New Creature Ditto Coming Soon?


Forget the "Final Fantasy XV," "Resident Evil 7" or "Overwatch." The biggest story with the biggest buzz in the tech is the latest "Pokemon Go" update and the upcoming creature called Ditto.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs is updating the mobile hit game for iOS and android users. The developer has released an update to fix some bug issues including the one related to egg hatching.

According to Express, the developer has released patch 0.47.1 to Pokemon GO to address even the smallest issues of the game. The game has also received some minor improvements to its texts. Aside from the specific fix related to the egg hatching problem, Niantic also pushed out a new update for the game that changes the Combat Power for a number of creatures.

As stated on the Niantic blog post, Alakazam, Gengar and Ryndon will see a boost in their Combat Power, while other Pokemon creatures are will have their Combat Power lowered. However, there still no official list of the changes being made.

In addition to the new update and fixes, Niantic is also teasing its fans whether Ditto and a legendary Pokemon will arrive next month on the mobile hit game.

According to a Pokemon-related forum, the legendary non-Pokemon Ditto and Shiny Pokemon will be coming next month and that some players might encounter the creatures while playing the game.

Ditto is elusive, reports said that no one has ever captured this Pokemon. But there are some good theories for this, according to Youtube user FsuAtl, Ditto could be disguised as Bulbasaur or as Pikachu. The youtube user has released a video, explaining everything about Ditto, including how to catch him.

The video suggests that players will have to look for Ditto very careful because it can disguise as another creature or Pokemon.

No doubt about it, Niantic is pretty serious in keeping their fans busy and focused in the game. Niantic hopes that the new update, new events, and upcoming creatures will help the game stay on the top spot for a long period of time.

The game is currently facing increased competition in the market, one that is more serious. Niantic hopes that the new upcoming creature like Ditto will drive the mainstream interest back on the game, thus keeping Pokemon GO strong in the market.

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