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Cyborg in Justice League Movie 2017: Ray Fisher Draws From Comic Book Version; Actor Prefers Teen Titans Version? [VIDEO]


Cyborg in Justice League Movie 2017 will be played by newcomer, Ray Fisher, who said that his portrayal is close to the character in the comic book. However, Fisher grew up with a less dark, even comical, Cyborg in the animated "Teen Titans," which was created for a younger audience and lacking the intensity of the original character.

Fisher recently spoke at the special panel of the Rhode Island comic-con where the actor talked about his role. He opened up about his Cyborg influences, which was derived mainly from the animated series "Teen Titans."

The actor was in high school when "Teen Titans" debuted, allowing him to relate to the characters with their teenage issues and problems, However, when Fisher was cast to play Cyborg in the newest "Justice League" movie, the actor delved into the complex character of Cyborg in the 1980s comic books as reported by comicbook.

In the comic book version, Cyborg who was then known as Victor Stone, had a tumultuous past. The young Victor was the subject of experiments since he was young. His scientists parents wanted him to have an outstanding IQ.

The young Victor rebelled and got mixed into a gang of teenagers. Eventually, an accident in one of the experiments left him severely wounded. His mother died in the accident and his father worked on giving him experimental prosthetics as reported in Entertainment Weekly.

With his new prosthetics and some hi-tech gadgets, Cyborg gained superhuman strength. He then joins the Justice League and fought with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman among others.

Cyborg in "Justice League" movie 2017 will be Fisher's first time to work with big names like Ben Affleck, Amy Adams, and Henry Cavill. Fans are hoping that Fisher will be able to step up his game as he is set to have his own solo film "Cyborg" to be released in April 3, 2020. "Justice league" hits theaters on Nov. 17, 2017.

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