6 New Tech Rules That Will Shape The Future

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Technology is getting more and more dynamic bringing radical changes into the world we live in. Things that we deemed impossible a few years ago are happening now, such as genomics and artificial intelligence. Because of this, any old assumptions we know are becoming unapplicable. Technology is changing these rules and assumptions with something new. Here are the six new tech rules that will shape the future.

Almost everything will be digitized

Digitization started with numbers and words. Then, it moved on to games and the multimedia, such as music and movies. Now, it's moving into complex businesses, like medicine and transportation.

A lot of jobs will become extinct

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more sophisticated and human. Soon, jobs that are in low-salary services will be eliminated as it become digitized. For example, a lot of drivers can lose their jobs as driverless cars become more and more common.

The cost of living becomes cheaper

Computers have become cheaper and more powerful. Even cellphone minutes are almost free. As computing, solar energy, and other kinds of technologies advance, the prices becomes cheaper. For example, the improvements in the car service market ushers in a generation that do not need to own a car. In the coming years, food, health care, electricity, and other area sof our lives will be much cheaper.

You have more control of your life

With the wealth of information and the advancement of technology, we will be more informed allowing us to do almost everything on our own. Online learning is offering more and more options in almost all disciplines. Moreover, medical apps are becoming more sophisticated allowing us to self-diagnose and even bring treatment to the common ailments we have. DIY in almost all areas are now possible as we can download instructions on the net easily.

Consumerism will be rampant

Technology brings more and more options to our lives. With the new shiny things come our desires to buy more. Over-consumerism becomes more of a problem rather than lack. The tragic side of this is that diseases of affluence, like obesity and cardiac arrest, becomes more rampant as well.

Machines will be more human

Retina implants are now using silicon to replace neurons. Prosthetics that move with the use of software have become extensions of our bodies. In fact, the military are expecting to use computer-guided exoskeletons in the near future. It is also expected to be in use for the disabled and the elderly.

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