Are You on the Right Path? Steps to Finding Alternative Careers


When you feel like you've fallen into the trap of meeting expectations and is afraid to take risks to find out what is the best career for you, don't worry. It happens to everyone else. Know that you don't need to make any drastic changes at this time. Just find out what options you have and what feels true to who you are.

The first thing you need to do is to entertain your ideas. Again, you don't have to do anything big right away. When an idea comes along, write it down in your idea list. Make sure your idea list is different from your to-do list.

Proactively grow your idea or find more ideas by looking for interesting people and learning their stories. What did these people do, how did they carve their personal brands or navigated their careers and what are the problems they solved? Is this the kind of work you'd be interested in? What kind of problems and solutions can you think of?

You can also learn more about the company you admire. What problems do they solve and how do they operate behind the scene? Learning how they go about their work, what guides their decisions and who makes those decisions? These type of information is not readily available so you may have to do some research or better yet, join the company through internships and training programs they offer.

If you haven't found that one job or company that feels right, don't worry just keep searching and entertaining ideas, people, problems and companies. You can even use the information you have right now with your job or the job prospects for your college major.

Using your current knowledge can help pave the way to a deeper understanding of what might be lacking in your job or industry. This creates opportunities and possibilities by making you aware of the problems and think of ways these problems can be solved.

Once you become aware of what you want to do, then the real job search begins. You may remain in your current specialization and create opportunities for yourself or you may use the knowledge you got from following your ideas to find possible alternative careers.

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