‘Beauty And The Beast' Star, Emma Watson Inspires China With Book Movement


The famous star, actress and academic Emma Watson inspired companies in China to leave free books in the subway with her book movement. The said actress is set to promote her latest Disney fantasy romance tale "Beauty and the Beast" to be released on 2017.

Even before her personal campaigns for "Beauty and the Beast" had started, Emma Watson [popular for her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series], a known academic and feminist from UK had already kicked off with her book movement. Her simple yet heartwarming book movement involves leaving free books on subways.

As posted on her social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, Watson states that such initiative of hers was fired up by feminist passions. Thus, highlighted among her books are the works of Maya Angelou.

After a series of rounds in London and other cities in the US, Watson headed to China and successfully distributed free books there. But what proved as most successful about her book movement is that it was able to inspire companies there to donate and leave more free books in the subways.

Among the known companies that sustained Watson's book movement was the Fair, a Chinese production firm. Just this week, the company formalized its own book-sharing initiative, leaving 10,000 and more books to subways, taxis, planes, etc. in major cities in China like Shanghai, Beijing, etc., Entertainment Weekly reported.

A UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson had achieved more than any other women her age. With a very humble tone, Watson tweets and announces next stops on her book movement.

Among her tweets too, Watson calls herself a book fairy, after garnering major supports from her followers. It has been her dearest wish to inspire people to become book fairies like herself, the Indian Express reported.

Emma Watson currently hops through various tasks at one time. And, that includes early campaigns for Disney's live-action remake of "Beauty and the Beast", the Guardian reported.

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