National Universities With The Most Students Living In Campus


Living in campus is one of the key parts of college life. By staying in campus and living away from home, students learn how to be independent as well as meet different types of people.

It was previously reported that students at community colleges have different experiences than those who study at traditional colleges. Oftentimes, community colleges are commuter schools. This means that majority of these institutions can't provide housing to its students.

According to U.S. News, students' on-campus living experiences actually depend on which institution they choose to pursue their degrees. The publication shared the national universities where most students live on campus.

Harvard University takes the top spot with 99 percent of undergraduates living on campus. It was noted that there are a few commuters and visiting undergrads that don't live on campus. The institution does guarantee housing to students for all four years, though.

It is followed by fellow Ivy League institution Princeton, with 96 percent. It was reported that a lot of Princeton alumni give back to the school. It had a a 63 percent two-year average of alumni who donated.

Princeton requires its first-year and sophomore students to live in one of its six residential colleges. Juniors and seniors are allowed to live off-campus. It also warns students that living options near the school are in short supply and have high rent.

In third place is Columbia University with 94 percent of undergraduates living on campus. Massachusetts Institute of Technology also has 94 percent.

Stanford University, which took the top spots in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters' rankings, has 94 percent of undergraduates living inside the campus. Vanderbilt University in Tennessee has 92 percent.

Other schools in the lower half of the list are Dartmouth College, California Institute of Technology, Boston College, Clarkson University and Ivy League university Yale. At the other end of the list are California public universities: California State University - Fullerton and California State University - Fresno which only has 2 percent and 5 percent of undergraduates living in campus.

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