Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission, New DLC Pack December Release: Return of Star Wars Mini-Rigs In Mobile Game [VIDEO]


The Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission "X-Wing" and the "Rogue One" themed DLC pack is set to be released on Dec. 6, which will feature just about the same timeline as the movie "Rogue One," which will be released on Dec. 14. There is also a new mobile game that will feature the mini-rigs designed by toymaker Kenner, bringing the best Star Wars toys of old and childhood memories.

The Newest DLC pack features four new maps, new characters, new vehicles and multi-stage game modes, which include both space and ground combat. The newest good guy is Jyn Erso and the baddie is Orson Kreenic. Players will also have access to new vehicles like the Imperial Tank, New Rebel U-Wing Fighter, TIE Striker, and most likely the AT-AT.

The Rogue One: Scarif will be released on Dec. 6 for those with season pass while those who do not, need to wait until Dec. 20. Meanwhile, the Star Wars: Battlefront VR Mission is also slated for release on Dec. 6. The game is free for PlayStation 4 owners as reported in Metro.

Pending the near release of EA's newest game, the company is also releasing the Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition, which includes the original games and a season pass. Moreover, to entice new players, EA is promoting the original DLC packs for free if players log in today until Sunday, Nov. 20. Players can play the original games of the Star Wars: Battlefront DLC packs for free this weekend, including the Outer Rim, Bespin and Death Star as reported by IGN.

Disney also developed a mobile game, called the Star Wars Arena. There are no official details available as of yet, but a screenshot photo suggests that the new game will make use of toymaker Kenner's mini-rigs.

The Star Wars mini-rigs came out in the eighties and have been very popular with Star Wars fans. These are small one-manned vehicles that Kenner designed, believing that the Star Wars franchise need more vehicles. From affordable plastic toys, these Star Wars spin-off vehicles are now priced collectibles.

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